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MonkIndia is a Spiritual website where you can find real treasure of India, i.e its culture and spiritualism. India being rich in its culture and through its spiritualism can change the world in a more peaceful abode and we provide a way to do so. We need to work towards greater development of personal conscience, of personal awareness because Heaven must be experienced right here, right now, within ourselves if we are to experience it ever. For the person who has glimpsed and understood the spiritual dimensions of existence, even the Deities are a reality.

Spiritual Tourism

In one's attempt to see the spiritual side of India, it's very important to know where to go and what to see in order to maximize whatever spiritual experiences you're looking for. Naturally some places have more to offer than others, and certain towns are more sacred to specific religions or spiritual paths. The temples play a very important part in Indian culture and there are many famous temples which are worth visiting. MonkIndia can organize your trip to such holy places & cities.

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