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Dating Quiz

Are you still friends? Have you achieved intimacy in your relationship? What kind of dating personality you are? If you are still puzzled to answer those questions just try this simple quiz and we will tell you the answers. We will explain your dating personality, dating style, dating etiquette and strengths & weaknesses. We will tell you about what kind of date you can make. Make sure to give the answers honestly.

 1.  I am terrible at...

...making small talk

...keeping my cool

...telling a joke
 2.  When I meet new person for the first time, I...

...can't help but flirt

...introduce myself in a friendly way

...can't help feeling awkward and shy
 3.  I make new friends...

...where ever I go

...with great difficulty

...soon after I get to know people
 4.  If I am visiting a place I've never been before, I...

...want to go off the beaten path and get a real taste of the area

...feel rather out of place and prefer to stick to an area where I am comfortable

...want to explore, but not stray too far
 5.  Others would be quick to describe me as...



 6.  Religious beliefs play...

...a large role in my life

...a small role in my life role in my life

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