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Welcome to the Numerology section of This is the area where we explore the inner and outer you through numbers and various calculations on those numbers. Your personality, goal of life, desires can be easily revealed just by knowing the number of that category. We can tell you about your traits, abilities, strength, weaknesses, fears and challenges you face, in other words, everything about what you are and what you can be. We can also tell you the area or profession where you have the maximum chances of success. And above all, its all FREE. We do not charge anything for all this information. So, what are you waiting for, just enter your name and date of birth and know everything you ought to know. Take action fast and make sure to get all the information for free because very soon we are going to make it a payable feature.
The information which we provide is divided in 6 categories. The information of each category depends on your number in that category which is calculated through your name and date of birth. Make sure to enter your full name; and date of birth in correct format.

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We also provide the information regarding the history and methods used in Numerology. If you want to know about Numerology, please check our Numerology Guide.

MonkIndia welcomes your suggestions/queries regarding Numerology, Horoscope or any other topic covered in MonkIndia. Please write to us, We respect your views.

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