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Astrology Reports serve as Astrological Snapshots of the exact location of the planets at the time of your birth.Diffrent planets have different Effects on your life either positive or negative. Based on your unique birth information, your Astrology Report will list, explain and examine the effect that the planets and their interactions have on your life. These Astrology Reports use simple text that tell you the position of the planets in your natal chart, and also thoroughly explain what each of these positions can mean to you.

These astro reports are called Natal Reports and According to the position of the planets at your birth time their effect is explained in these reports. Specialized Natal Reports, such as the Career Path, Medicine Wheel and Environmental Affinity Report, also concentrate on your chart as a whole, but their explanations for your planetary placements focus on the specific theme of the report.

Some Natal Reports consider only some particular planets’ position to explain the specific aspect of your birth chart. For example, the Karma Report focuses mainly on the influences of Jupiter, Saturn, retrogrades and nodes in your chart and does not consider Mercury and Venus. The Centaur Report only lists the effects of the Asteroids.

There are two kinds of Compatibility Reports: Synastry and Composite. Synastry charts, explain the Romantic Compatibility and Relationship Potential.Synastry chart compare the planetary interactions of two Natal Charts. Composite Reports, such as the Couples Report and the Relationship Forecast, take the “midpoints” between all the points in two charts and use them to create a new chart for the relationship.

Forecast Reports, in which only single person’s birth chart is considered such as the Future Forecast, Single’s Love Forecast and Jobs & Money Forecast, compare the location of the planets in your birth chart with the current location of the moving planets in the sky. What effect the changing positions of the planets will have on you now and in the future is explained by these Forecasts .

The Birthday Report focuses on your Solar Return, which means it calculates the position that each planet is in at the exact time the Sun returns to the same degree and Sign as it was at the time of your birth. Your Solar Return Report will give you insightful details on the year following your birthday.

As the planets position can never be the same at different moments.The Planetary Influence Profile is a Secondary Progressed Report. Based on the “day for a year” school of planetary progression, to explain the effect of the changing position of the planets this report traces the progression of planets as you move through your life and focuses on how this movement affects you as well.

All these choices and types may seem overwhelming at first. As you advance in your understanding of both yourself and Astrology you will have a better idea of which reports are right for you at various points in your life.



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